Through hypnotherapy, we harness your body’s natural ability to relax and allow the subconscious mind to take on positive suggestions to help you make the desired changes in your life.


As an integrative psychotherapist rather than specializing in one traditional approach, I seek to combine aspects of different approaches to provide the most effective way of working for each client.


Throughout sessions with clients a major component is often working with them to help promote greater relaxation and gain a healthier overall well being, to promote balance and harmony in their lives.  With relaxation playing such an important part of a balanced lifestyle, reducing blood pressure, lowering heart rate and lower stress levels etc.  I am happy to offer sessions purely focused on meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to restore, re-balance and revive your life!


OldPain2Go® is a pain reduction and removal method communicating with the part of the mind that sends pain signals. I will show you how you can make that mind/body connection and get rid of your old pain for good! This is not hypnosis – no trance is required, you will be awake and aware at all times.

MAP Method™

MAP™ is the number one method to clear subconscious blocks. We do that by training the brain to find and neutralize the negative unconscious memories. This means to you that you don’t have to know, remember, or understand why you have a block. You can, therefore, easily and safely release your inner blocks and finally reach your full potential.

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At Mulberry Therapies we use client focused therapy to individually tailor the talking therapy to support you through life’s challenges. Using integrated psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to assist you to reach your potential.